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Campsites in Scotland

With an 11,000 kilometre coastline, mystical highlands and innumerable islands and islets, Scotland is the perfect destination for an active hiking or cycling holiday. You can find inexpensive CampingCard ACSI campsites throughout Scotland, which will allow you to camp at a discounted rate in the low season. There's no need to miss any of the country!

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Tips for Scotland:

•    Fife Coastal Path: 
The Scottish coast, in the Kingdom of Fife, is the ideal location for hiking amongst expansive landscapes alternated with small, historical towns. The path is 150 km in length and runs from Kincardine to Newburgh, so you can walk the whole length, or just do sections. For further information visit: http://fifecoastalpath.co.uk/

•    Urquhart kasteel
Scotland is home to a number of castles that are well worth a visit. Of particular mention is Urquhart Castle, situated on Loch Ness. The Castle has fallen slowly into ruin, but is nevertheless a showcase of Scotland's history. Climb the remnants of its towers for stunning views over Loch Ness, and who knows? Maybe you'll even spot the legendary Loch Ness Monster.

•    Caingorms National Park
One of Scotland's most celebrated national parks is the Cairngorms National Park, which is home to all of Scotland's biodiversity in a single area. You might spot the Scottish wild cat, or cycle or hike for miles and miles along well-signed routes through the beautiful forests and highlands.

Camping on a budget

You can camp both by the coast and in urban areas in Scotland, and wherever you choose to stay, you can be certain of captivating panoramas. Campsites are spacious, peaceful and at the heart of nature. In addition, you can also camp at a discounted rate in the low season by using your CampingCard ACSI.

Typically Scottish

A number of things about Scotland are unique. Some are well known, such as Scottish whisky, bagpipes and tartan, while others are a little more obscure. Typical Scottish cuisine includes 'haggis', a meat dish comprising a sheep's lungs, heart and liver plus oatmeal, pepper, salt and animal fat. Haggis is traditionally served with mashed potatoes and swede and is considered a Scottish delicacy.

The Scottish climate

The Scottish climate is largely similar to that of other areas of Western Europe. In the low season, the country enjoys mild temperatures that are perfect for hiking or cycling. The country is surrounded by water, so you can always count on a strong westerly wind, perfect for blowing the cobwebs away! Don't miss the wild cloud formations above the crystal clear lakes during your holiday in Scotland. Head to the north of the country in winter and there's a good chance that you will see the impressive Northern Lights.

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