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ACSI places great care and attention on the accuracy and integrity of the information contained in this website. The information is derived from sources deemed to be trustworthy. Despite this there is always a slight possibility that the information may be incorrect, incomplete or no longer current. ACSI cannot be held liable for this. Similarly ACSI assumes no liability whatsoever for information contained on third-party sites that are linked to this site. 


Visitors may not assume any rights on information offered on this website. 


All information available on this internet site is copyrighted or is protected by other intellectual property rights. Unless otherwise stated all the intellectual property rights of text, sounds, illustrations, photographs, brand names, logos and other material are the property of, or are licensed to ACSI. No part of this website may be reproduced without the explicit prior permission in writing from ACSI.

Open communication

ACSI encourages open communication with its clients. Reviews from holidaymakers are therefore published on this website. ACSI maintains the right to shorten, edit or to not publish these reviews. These reviews may be shared with affiliate partners. Affiliate partners are partner websites which, upon entering into a contract with ACSI, may include certain content from ACSI on their website.

ACSI upholds the right to modify this disclaimer.


ACSI places great importance on your privacy. We ensure that any information you supply is treated in confidence. ACSI will never sell on the information you provide in ‘My ACSI’ to third parties.
By visiting this website you agree to accept our privacy statement.

Collection of  data

ACSI collects data about users of this internet site. The aim of this is to customise the information on our websites as much as possible to meet your requirements. Your personal and address details are used to process your information request or booking in the correct manner. Details are stored in a secure database via the SSL protocol, the Secure Socket Layer and are not made available to third parties, except where these third parties are engaged by ACSI to deal with your information request or booking. ACSI works exclusively with trustworthy parties under the agreement that personal and address details are used exclusively for the purposes for which they were made available. Your details are used with your consent to inform you about our various products. Should you no longer wish to receive this you can unsubscribe via contact.

When you register an account at campingcard.com, you will be asked to provide a number of personal details. We ask you for these for two reasons. The first reason is that when making a booking you only need to provide your details once. For a subsequent booking you can fill these in easily by logging in to your personal account. The second reason is that on the basis of the details you provide we can customise our selection to meet your requirements better. ACSI is keen to learn from its clients, and by providing details of your interests we can increasingly offer you a more ‘personal’ service.


ACSI collects and analyses information on the use of this internet site. ACSI records the number of hits, time of use, data supplied, pages visited, use of links and the duration of the visit. These details may be collected by using, among other things, a cookie. A cookie is a small text file that ACSI’s server places on the hard disc of the computer that is being used by that particular visitor or user.

Third party websites 

This privacy statement from ACSI does not apply to the internet sites of third parties which are associated with this internet site by means of links.

ACSI upholds the right to modify this privacy statement.

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