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What is CampingCard ACSI?

CampingCard ACSI


  1. Fixed low rates
  2. Inspected annually by ACSI
  3. 3 children under 6 included
  4. Included and excluded
  5. How does CampingCard ACSI work?
  6. Other methods of payment
  7. Conditions of use
  8. Reservations

Your off-season discount card

CampingCard ACSI is a discount card that lets you camp up to 50% cheaper in low season. In 2015 you can camp at no fewer than 2940 campsites in 20 European countries. You will pay one of the four fixed, low rates in early and late seasons. You will therefore always pay less than the lowest rate that the campsite offers in low season!

Fixed low rates: € 12, € 14, € 16 and € 18

On presentation of a valid CampingCard ACSI at a 'CampingCard ACSI campsite' you can stay overnight with 2 people for just € 12, € 14, € 16 or € 18 a night. A few campsites (31) even offer a € 10  rate. You will find these campsites included in the search results when you have selected all rates, but also if you have only ticked the € 12 euro rate. You will recognise them immediately by the special € 10 logo. The valid rate for every campsite is indicated in the CampingCard ACSI guide and on this website.

It can even be cheaper:  in certain periods many CampingCard ACSI campsites offer extra discounts.

2940 campsites, inspected annually by ACSI

All 2940 CampingCard ACSI campsites, spread across 20 countries, have been inspected by ACSI. You can therefore be sure of an enjoyable camping holiday. All campsites are just as attractive as in high season. The owners guarantee the same level of hospitality and good service. The most important amenities are also in operation in the low season; you just pay less!

Just to make it clear: only the 2940 campsites in the CampingCard ACSI guide 2015 participate in CampingCard ACSI 2015. ACSI inspects 9800 campsites annually and 2940 of them accept our discount card in the early and late seasons of 2015.

At 613 campsites: 3 children under 6 included

You can go camping inexpensively with your children or grandchildren (up to 6 years). On the website and in the guide you will find 613 campsites where (maximum) 3 children under 6 years are included in the CampingCard ACSI rates! You can recognise these campsites by the logo shown here.

Take note: if a campsite displays this logo, it’s possible that tourist tax will be charged for children under 6 years, because the campsite pays tourist taxes directly to the local authorities. Items such as shower tokens are not included for children.

Included and excluded

Included in the CampingCard ACSI rate Excluded in the CampingCard ACSI rate
Pitch* Tourist tax, environmental surcharge, ecotax, refuse disposal or any other requirements made by the local authority. 
Overnight stay for 2 adults** Applicable reservation and administration charges
Car + caravan + awning 
Or car + collapsible trailer
Or car + tent
Or motorhome with awning
Hot water in the washing up sinks is not included in the rate.
Electricity: connection of max. 6A.
Consumption to a max. of 4 kWh per day    
Hot showers***  
1 dog, on the condition that dogs are permitted on the campsite.   

Some campsites make a distinction between standard and luxury pitches. These luxury or comfort pitches tend to be somewhat bigger and have their own water supply and drainage. You have the right to a standard pitch with CampingCard but it may also happen that you can use one of the more expensive pitches for the CampingCard rate. The campsite has the right to decide this; you can NEVER claim a luxury or comfort pitch. Take note also that some campsites have adapted their policy towards caravans with a twin axle and motorhomes that are so large they won’t fit on a standard pitch. 


Campsites offer pitches suitable for two adults. The campsite can decide for itself whether more than two adults may camp on them (where the CampingCard rate applies to the two adults) or whether the campers will be referred to pitches that are not allocated to CampingCard ACSI users and for which the regular rates will be charged.


If the campsite used shower tokens, the CampingCard holder has the right to one shower token per adult per day. If the campsite uses another ‘shower system’, for example fifty cent coins or a SEP key, the above still applies but the camper must discuss the shower arrangements with the campsite.

How does CampingCard ACSI work?

  1. Fill in the reverse side of the CampingCard ACSI completely (only fully completed cards will be accepted).

  2. Present your discount card on arrival at the campsite.

  3. Present your discount card again at the reception when paying your bill.

  4. You will pay one of the bargain CampingCard ACSI rates of just € 12, € 14, € 16 or € 18. You don’t have to do any administration or make any payment at home.

Other methods of payment

In principle you can pay on departure with CampingCard ACSI. But in some cases the method of payment may be decided by campsite policy, including the time at which you should pay or any deposits that must be made. If for example you indicate that you wish to stay or reserve for just one night, the campsite may ask you to pay immediately or to pay a deposit. The campsite reception will inform you about their policy in this regard.

Conditions of use

The CampingCard ACSI discount card is valid for one calendar year and is strictly personal. We ask you to fill in your name in full on the reverse side of the card and to add your signature. The campsite owner may ask you for proof of identity.


A reservation with CampingCard ACSI is in principle handled as a regular reservation, only the overnight rate is lower.

In some cases you must pay to make a reservation and you may be asked for a deposit. A reservation made well in advance by a CampingCard holder may be seen by the campsite as disadvantageous. A campsite may have a policy of not accepting this. There are also some campsites where it is never possible to make a reservation.

It is important that when making a reservation you indicate that you will be camping with CampingCard ACSI. If you fail to do this there is the possibility that you will have to pay the regular rate.

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