Which campsite is right for you?

What is Match2Camp?

Match2Camp is a useful aid which you can use to quickly find a campsite that meets your requirements. ACSI conducted a survey of campers’ wishes. Based on this, four lifestyles and nine groups were defined. Each campsite is then assigned to a group.

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Yellow experience

In the yellow lifestyle we meet campers looking for lively campsites with a large variety of amenities and fun activities.

Yellow/blue: Complete and comfortable

This group really is looking for a campsite with all mod cons. This is often a larger campsite with large pitches, plenty of amenities and a complete entertainment programme. This campsite may be a bit more expensive, provided this is reflected in the many amenities which are available for use.

Yellow/red: Sociable

This group is mainly looking for a campsite which has plenty of recreational facilities and where social activities are organised for the guests.

Yellow: Relax and enjoy

This group is particularly looking for a relaxing holiday. Using the motto ‘you can’t always have everything’, these people are not necessarily looking for a campsite ‘with all mod cons’. Provided there are enough fun activities for a relaxing holiday.

Green experience

In the green lifestyle we meet campers looking for leisure. Keywords: relaxation and privacy.

Green/yellow: Informal

For this group the ambiance of the campsite is also important. These campers want to meet each other and enjoy a pleasant walk or a take a relaxing cycle trip in the vicinity of the campsite.

Green: Relaxation

This group is looking mainly for their own spot with plenty of privacy, peace and space. A marked out pitch, for example. The absence of entertainment, a large camp shop or a restaurant is not really a problem for these campers.

Blue experience

In the blue lifestyle we meet campers looking for a comfortable campsite which can serve as a base for an active and sportive holiday.

Blue: Comfortable

For this group it is important that the campsite has some (luxury) extras, such as comfort pitches, a sauna, a beauty centre or a sunbed.

Blue/red: Active

This group is looking for a campsite that is primarily geared up for sports activities such as golf, cycling or watersports.

Red experience

In the red lifestyle we meet campers looking for a special camping experience, a campsite that is ‘just that bit different’. Keywords: nature, sport and leisure activities.

Red/green: Sportive

This group is sports-minded and is looking for a campsite that fits in with the programme that has been planned. The campsite is then more of a base camp. It’s a bonus if it can offer amenities that are available when returning from an activity. A supermarket, for example, or a restaurant or swimming pool. This group is not really demanding. It’s more about the atmosphere that is created. The off-beat is really a fun, fascinating or interesting experience.

Red: Unusual

This group wants to experience something unique, something a bit out of the ordinary. The camper wants to have a ‘story’ to take home. Activity is often central to this so they usually look for an ‘unusual’ location. The campsite should have something special, a tree-house or a tepee for example. These are often smaller campsites with a restricted number of amenities.