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Prizewinners 2014

1st Prize

1x Travel Cheque Suncamp holidays
Worth: € 450,-

2nd Prize

10x Care Plus Safety kit
Worth: € 28,95

3rd Prize

25x ACSI Campsite guide DVD Europe
Worth: € 13,95


Winner Travel Cheque Suncamp holidays worth €450:

H. Aalbers

Winners Care Plus Safety kit worth €28,95:

Rae Phillips
Peter Chapman
Philip Kirk
J.J. de Groot
Ad Bertens
Paul Wessels
A. Brouwers
Fam. Haase
Ramon Kuck
Andrea Hübben

Winners ACSI Campsite guide DVD Europe worth €13,95:

Val and Keith Barnard
Norman Chandler
Donal Bracken
John Martin
Carole and Pete Elliott
Mike Wormleighton
Steve Baker
John Ward
Mark Hubble
Kevin Baines
David Pascoe
Brian Goodwin
Graham Lawson
John Pickup
David Jarman
Pauline Flavell
Martin Gary
Micheline Sheridan
Bob Cable
Gary Maddock-Greene
Rob Schram
Craig Morfitt
Jeremy Wicken
Phillip King
Chris Hardingham

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